Locked htaccessTry this 10 htaccess hacks to optimize your website for search engines and website visitors. One of the most important things for websits is good traffic. So do anything to hold traffic you already got on your Website. If you don’t want lose Traffic then try the following htaccess tipps:

  1. set a custom 404 Page with htaccess
  2. Caching Websites by htaccess
  3. Make SEO Friendly 301 Redirects with htaccess
  4. Block spambots by htaccess
  5. GZip Compressing by htaccess
  6. Make pretty SEO URLs by htaccess
  7. Protect your Folders by htaccess
  8. Prevent Image Hot Linking by htaccess
  9. Default Email Address
  10. Disable the Display of Download Requests


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