Contentbär – a german SEO Contest

This is amazing. We found a SEO Contest in Germany which is running since mid of May. The goal is to get the best Rankings in Google to the fake Keyword called Contentbär which means like Content-Bear in Englisch. Do you think: What the hell is it? Well, that’s normal. Let me explain why.

Fake Keywords like „Contentbär“ are important for SEO Contests

This is the Contentbär from BOMT
This is the one and only original Contentbär for me. It’s beautiful and showing all the important stuff for the SEO Contest: All you need to know about that beautiful fella!

Want to be a Member of the Contentbär Contest?

No problem! If you already have a Website then feel happy. Because the goal of the SEO Contest is to get the best Ranking Position in in the middle of June. is the owner of the Contest and will check the Rankings.

How to get a good Ranking for Contentbär?

You can write an Article on your Website, create a Picture or publish a Contentbär Video on Youtube. You have a lot of possibilities to get ranked well in Google. Important: make great Content! Because without good Content, you will fail.

What is good Content?

A Wiki, a Howto or answer the important questions to the SEO Contest for example. I found a Website that developed a special Herbärt Contentbär for the Contest. On their Contentbär Website they even published a nice article with a lot of SEO Impact to the Contest. Have a closer look at the Website and the SEO KPI Dashboard.

Preview of the KPIs

  • The length of the text is different on Page 1 in Google to the 2nd SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Special HTML Characters like Headings, lists, Images and Subfolders within the URL
  • The Page Metas: check this out for example
  • Domains with „www“ Subdomain have better Rankings.

Well, there are a lot of SEO Stuf to learn. The Dashboard Data will get an Update each Monday Morning. Feel free to come back to this article and get the new Insights into the Contentbär Contest. Hope to see you soon.