SEO with GoogleTo get ranked in the top 100 Searchresults in Google and other big Searchengines, it isn’t that hard. In case of a hard competition in the Internet it is harder of course. But this is not important for now. Everyone should optimize the new Website or the Website Relaunch as good as possible for Search Engines. SEO is essential for the success of an Website.

SEO Content is King

There are millions of new Content¬† elements which go online each day. Tweets, Movies, News, Blogs and text of course – there are so many powerful SEO Content Elements you can puplish. It’s in your decision to create good SEO Stuff by your own or by an SEO Expert for exampel. But think about, to create own content you need much time. The SEO Work is not done by creating two or three Contents. Search Engines identify the frequenzy of puplishing new Contents. So if you only want to publish some SEO Content Elements, think about, that this will work not for long time.

Get it ranked on Google

Lates SEO News

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  2. Google rolled out a new Panda 4.0 (May 2014) more
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  4. Penguin Update (October 2013) more
  5. The big Hummingbird Update from Google (August 2013) more


SEO Success – It’s all in the mix

If you want to make goog work for Search Engines don’t forgett to create Content for your Visitors. So just ask this questions by your own:

  1. Why do Visitors come to my Website?
  2. What would Visitors like to know?
  3. May I know some solutions or suggestions for my Visitors?
  4. Do I have other interesting Stuff for that Visitor?

On Point three you have to create very good content. Get informed about the topic you want to write for. Watch out for Youtube Videos, Tweets an relevant News. And don’t forgett to look for a nice Picture.